Results Update

Brett Love Racing – End of June 2020 Update

After the pause due to the Covid-19 outbreak we are finally up and running with GB racing, albeit behind closed doors.

Just prior to the break towards the middle of March the Loves Racing service had been in sparkling form with the first 3 months of the year each producing solid profits:-

Jan +24.50pts

Feb +27.53pts

Mar (to 14th) +13.33pts

Unfortunately June didn’t pan out as well and as a result the YTD profit sat at +42.96pts as we reach the halfway mark of the 2020 campaign.

However as a bonus to the main service Brett has covered a number of the big Festivals and his followers have been treated to some cracking additional gains.

Cheltenham pulled in +38.40pts from 38.50pts Staked and Royal Ascot surpassed that with +48.45pts profit from 41.25pts Staked!

For the Festival picks Brett does recommend a separate “fun” betting bank and given the results to date there certainly has been plenty of fun to be had!

With no significant drawdown a 100pt bank is suggested for the main service which should be set aside to cope with the ups and downs along the profitable journey.

The Lovesracing team

PS You can download our spreadsheet showing full results here