Results Update

Brett Love Racing – Results Update (End Sept 2018)
At the start of June 2017 Brett Love an ex-pro footballer turned pro-punter started proofing his selections to the Racing Post and then to the Betting School Insiders Club. During that 5 month period of proofing Brett produced £7,330 of profit to £25 stakes which is a whopping 94.43% ROI at advised prices. And 61.19% ROI at Betfair SP!

All the selections were emailed to the Betting School Insiders Club the evening before racing and the majority of the suggested bets were 1 point Each-Way. By using this approach it keeps the potential losing runs to a minimum and despite the very competitive nature of the races that Brett tackles (big field classy Handicaps) from the 136 selections the longest losing run to date was 7 and the win/placed Strike Rate was an impressive 41%.

Since the service went live on November 3rd there have been 70 winners/placers from 299 selections (23.41% Strike Rate) and these have produced +159.07pts profit at an impressive +35% ROI. Based on £25 stakes this represents a profit of £3976.75!

As a bonus to the main service Brett covers the big Festivals and his followers have been treated to some cracking additional gains with the combined tally from the 2018 major Festivals so far showing over 115pts profit. For the Festival picks Brett does recommend a separate “fun” betting bank and given the results to date there certainly has been plenty of fun to be had!

With no significant drawdown a 100pt bank is suggested for the main service which should be set aside to cope with the ups and downs along the profitable journey.

The Lovesracing team

PS You can download our spreadsheet showing full results LovesRacing Results